Consultation via Facebook…déshabillez vous !

« …at this point, we feel strong enough in our position that strategically we also want to start focusing on the next major computing platform that will come after mobile. The history of our industry is that every 10 or 15 years there is a new major computing platform, whether it is the PC, the web, or now mobile. History suggests that there will be more platforms to come. To me, by far one of the most exciting future platforms is around vision — by modifying what you see to create augmented or immersive experiences. Today’s acquisition is a longterm bet on the future of computing. I believe Oculus can be one of the platforms of the future.”

Mark Zuckerberg -fondateur de Facebook

Étrange destin que celui de la société Oculus …. lancée sur une plateforme de crowdfunding « kickstarter » en 2012. Elle avait réussit alors à réunir plus de

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